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    " It just seems like they should fill that space up with something. Maybe cheese cake Monkey pinups? First up, your very own Simi N. au-natural! "

   Title: Unreal Tournament Official Strategy Guide by Brady Games

   Format: Strategy Guide for Unreal Tournament on PS2

   Reviewing Monkey: Simi N.

   The Hype: Become a Master of the Tournament. Find all the secrets. Get all the cheats!

      What This Monkey Thought...

   Layout: All in all, the layout of this strategy guide is very nice. The Information easy to read, and there are tons of pictures to add to the aesthetics of the book. The pages are all full color and glossy to make the book look great. And the placement of information on the pages is neither distracting nor annoying; rather it allows a person to read through the information with ease, while having nice visual aids to help him out if needs be. Unfortunately there is a lot of empty space which for some unexplainable reason annoyed me...I don't know...It just seems like they should fill that space up with something. Maybe cheese cake Monkey pinups? First up, your very own Simi N. au-natural! 4 ½ out of 5.

   Usefulness: Personally, I was shocked to find that there was a strategy guide for a game that is based on tournament style death matches. For the most part this game requires you to do one simple thing – frag more than anyone else…Very complicated. But as I was reading I realized that there are actually plenty of different strategies that make you frag better. Some are pretty obvious (like don’t try and fling poo and play at the same time), but there are also many that most monkeys probably never would have thought of. And of course the strategies presented for the Capture the Flag, Domination, and Assault tournament ladders are especially useful. So, in all, this book gives you an edge in mastering the game, finding all of the secrets, and seeing your friends heads explode. Also worth mentioning is the inclusion of the cheat codes listed in the back (Sweet). 3 ½ out of 5.

   Desired Content: This book really has everything I would expect it to have and then some. There is a detailed guide to every level in the game. Nicely written from the player’s perspective so you can follow the directions easily, it includes weapons locations, health and shield locations, secrets, probable firefight locations, and strategies based on the layout of the level. My new favorite strategy is to find all of the health power-ups, and run a circuit around them, and as soon as they regenerate, injure yourself so you can pick them up and your enemies (or your friends in multiplayer mode) can’t get them. 5 out of 5.

   Accuracy: Everything in this guide appears to be accurate for the thirty or so levels. However I must say that the way they talk about the weapons is a little off in my opinion. The book talks about the shock rifle and the redeemer as if they are the best weapons in the game when clearly the Dual Enforcers are the best, and the most enjoyable way to rip your opponents to shreds. 5 out of 5.

   The Verdict:

       This strategy guide is really much more useful than one would think. So go out get the game, buy the guide, and make your friends kiss your feet.

   The Good: Aesthetically pleasing layout, good detailed information, some really cool strategies, and cheat codes!

   The Bad: Not many people will feel that they need to get a strategy guide for this game, and many of them will be correct.

   The Overall Ugly: If you are having trouble mastering this game, or just want to kick your friends asses even more thoroughly, this guide will help you out a lot. But if you just like blowing shit up, you won’t need it.

   What it's Worth: I would feel okay shelling out 20 to 25 bucks for this guide.

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