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     " Hey, Red Storm! Make a Hunted mod! How have you guys not figured out that chasing a protected civilian is a lot of fun? Hell, on this engine it would be the coolest thing ever! "

   Title: Urban Ops by Red Storm

   Format: Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear add-on for the PC

   Reviewing Monkey: Dungapult

   The Hype: New and exciting missions for Rogue Spear set in an urban environment. Fight your way through city streets, demolished buildings, and much more. It also includes a healthy dose of new weapons!

      What This Monkey Thought...

   Graphics: There are no graphic modifications from Rogue Spear, so judge for yourself. Personally, I think they rock but itís your callÖ (No Changed Rating from Rogue Spear)

   Sound: Again, itís a Rogue Spear mod so nothing new. Same great gun sound effects and music, though! (No Changed Rating from Rogue Spear)

   Game Play: canít believe this is a Rogue Spear mod; the game play is totally different! No, just kidding, of course itís the same. The only change is the addition of some new weapons- a silenced sniper rifle (Keen!), new shotgun, some automatic rifles, and the Minimi SAW (or Squad Automatic Weapon for you liberals out there). All in all, the additions are welcome and most will find their way into your gaming world. The only serious disappointment, and boy do I have to mention this, is the SAW. The SAW, in case you donít know, is the new portable 5.56mm support weapon in use by squads in all three branches of the military. Itís comparatively light, has an incredible rate of fire, and is far more manageable than any similar support weapon to come before it. It is so effective, in fact, that entire squads of Navy SEALS can be outfitted with it as primary assault weapons- being carried on a sling and fired from the shoulder. It kicks ass. Now, the reason Iím explaining all of this is because this weapon in the game SUCKS DONKEY! It is inaccurate, slow, and has ludicrous recoil properties. What could have been the crowning grace in filling the support weapon gap in the Rainbow series falls flat on its face. The previously well researched spread patterns and weapon statistics of other rifles in the game gets thrown out the window here in exchange for a useless addition that will lose its luster as soon as you try firing it for the first time. Itís completely worthless and, considering how long weíve been waiting for a weapon like it, is very disappointing. On the plus side, though, the other weapons score okay and the characteristics for shotguns have finally been revamped so that the new SPAS are actually quite useful! (No Changed Rating from Rogue Spear)

   Level and Environment Designs: Oh, Mamma! Do these levels ever kick ass. Fight your way through a bombed out middle eastern city, assault fortifications, and donít forget to die periodically because Red Storm went the extra mile by including realistic sniper perches. Fantastic! They also include some new multiplayer layouts that are just a kick in the pants. 5 out of 5

   Multiplayer: Pretty much, youíre just playing more Rogue but now youíve got some kick ass extra maps. There are also some new game styles, which are actually a lot of fun, but nothing revolutionary. Unfortunately, weíre still waiting for Red Storm to pick up "The Hunted" game concept from Half Life: Team Fortress Classic, which would just kick ass. Actually, since theyíll probably read thisÖ"Hey, Red Storm! Make a Hunted mod! How have you guys not figured out that chasing a protected civilian is a lot of fun? Hell, on this engine it would be the coolest thing ever!" Thank you. 4 out of 5

   Replayability: Personally, I can replay it all day but againÖ (No Changed Rating from Rogue Spear)

   Story/Dramatics: Nice continuations of existing Rainbow/Rogue stories and styles. Lots of fun. (No Changed Rating from Rogue Spear)

   Instructions and Learning Curve: HmmmÖWhat do you think Iím going to say? Hint: Itís exactly the same as another game I wonít mentionÖ (No Changed Rating from Rogue Spear)

   Installation and Real System Requirements: Just fine. If Rogue runs, so will this. (No Changed Rating from Rogue Spear)

   The Verdict:

       A must have mod that will extend your Rogue Spear playing enjoyment considerably.

   The Good: Great levels, new weapons, fun multiplayer.

   The Bad: The SAW. What the hell were they thinking?

   The Overall Ugly: If you like Rogue Spear youíve got to pick this up.

   What it's Worth: Market

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