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     " If you like CFS (Combat Flight Simulator) youíll dig Tuskegee Fighters "

   Title: Tuskegee Fighters by Abacus

   Format: PC Flight Sim

   Reviewing Monkey: Cornelius

   The Hype: Join the famous 332nd as you defend allied bombers and destroy enemy forces. The USís first black fighter squadron rallied against the odds to make their mark on history, and now you can try to live up to their reputation. The "Red-tailed Devils", as the Germans came to know them, had the great distinction of never losing a single bomber under their escort in over 1,500 missions. An add-on to Microsoftís Combat Flight Simulator, Tuskegee Fighters promises to put you in the cockpit of the finest fighting machines of the war.

      What This Monkey Thought...

   Graphics: Well if you like CFS (Combat Flight Simulator) graphics youíll dig Tuskegee Fighters. Each of the aircraft flown by the Tuskegee airmen is recreated in CFS fashion. The aircraft include Steerman PT-17 bi-plane and North American AT-6 Texan (both trainers), Curtiss P-40L Warhawk, Republic P-47D Thunderbolt, and the dogged North American P-51D Mustang. All the aircraft a repainted to faithfully match either the Tuskegee training school paint scheme, or the 332nd fighter groupís famous red-tails. Gorgeous aircraft backed by the CFS terrain make for a pretty flight, even when surrounded by flak. Some new terrain is also added, in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and some detailed cities in Germany. One really nice addition Abacus has added is a larger library of dynamic (read: exploding) scenery, nice explosions and more targets. 4 out of 5

   Sound: Nothing new to report here, same standard CFS sounds.

   Game Play: Tuskegee Fighters plays just like CFS; bad-ass. The flight models are accurately depicted, so unlike amateur designed aircraft, a P-40 will behave like a P-40 not a F-16. Might not sound like a big deal, but if youíve ever played CFS multiplayer you can appreciate what I am saying. The only thing worse than being on an enemyís six going for the kill only to see a horrible flight model out accelerate and out turn you, is finding a pubic hair on your toothbrush after youíre done brushing. 4 out of 5

   Level and Environment Designs: The new areas to Europe and North Africa Abacus added are nice, although there is no marked improvement over the standard CFS terrain. The 20 new missions are taken directly from annals of the 332nd, so you will fly the same missions at the same time in the same place as the original pilots. Unfortunately Abacus just used the same CFS mission format, it doesnít matter if you fail or succeed, you will still go to the next mission in line. It would have been nice to see a more dynamic mission generator. 3 out of 5

   Multiplayer: Same as original CFS; remains the most fun way to play.

   Replayability: If you are still playing CFS you will love this add-on.

   Story/Dramatics: Did the original CFS have a story line, are you really expecting this to?

   Instructions and Learning Curve: If you havenít figured out CFS by now, for your own sake quit trying. Put your efforts into something more meaningful and on your intellectual level, like chasing rocks, or licking pavement.

   Installation and Real System Requirements: Installs no problem, and if you can run CFS there will be no problem here.

   The Verdict:

       A great CFS add on. 'Nuff said.

   The Good: Cool new planes that are pretty as hell, New missions and Aircraft with realistic flight models.

   The Bad: Same old linear mission line with no story, burn through those and jump straight to multiplayer.

   The Overall Ugly: A good add-on to CFS, with aircraft that most hosts will let you use on Mplayer or Game Zone. No more Mustangs modeled after Lear Jets.

   What it's Worth: If youíre into CFS, and if youíre not why have you read this far, $20 though you may find it cheaper.

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