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     " Man, this book will tell you everything. "

      Title: Spy hunter official strategy guide by Brady Games

      Format: Strategy guide for a PS2 game

      Reviewing Monkey: Simi N.

      The Hype: Find all the secrets in the game. Beat every level with every objective, become the ultimate Spy Hunter.

      What This Monkey Thought...

      Layout: This book has a very nice, straightforward approach. Each level is laid out with full maps and strategies on beating the enemies. There are also pictures of the game at areas where alternate paths pop up so you will know what they look like. The information is easy to find and read and there are plenty of nice full color pictures to help you out further. 4.5 out of 5.

      Usefulness: Man, this book will tell you everything. If you are having trouble just beating the game, the guide will be very good to have. If you want to discover all the secrets you will definitely want this guide. This guide is useful for anyone who owns the game and doesn't want to play through each level twenty times before beating them well enough to unlock the secrets. 4 out of 5.

      Desired Content: The first two pages are to get you acclimated with the controls and how to use the book. After that the book goes straight into the strategies for each level. And after you have learned how to beat all of the levels with all the secrets there is additional information on all the vehicles in the game. I must say it would have been nice to have a better strategy for the last level. What the secrets that can be unlocked are and even goes as far as to give a brief history of the Spy Hunter series and where some of the original arcade games can still be found (awesome). 4.5 out of 5.

      Accuracy: This guide is one hundred percent accurate on everything that I can see (I have beaten the game with every objective and have unlocked all but one of the secrets). There really isn't a single discrepancy or half-truth in the whole guide. 5 out of 5.

      The Verdict:

       This guide is a must for anyone who hasn't already gotten everything they can out of Spy Hunter. All the information is accurate and there is a ton of it.

      The Good: The layout is nice, full color pages, tons of information including some that you don't need, but is certainly good to have.

      The Bad: Um, the book won't beat the hard parts of the game for you.

      The Overall Ugly: You will not be sorry you bought this guide. It will help you get all you can out of the game without having to tear your hair out in frustration looking for all the hidden secrets.

      What it's Worth: Market.

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