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     "Comes with four different types of sticks to use, but only two of the four sticks are really worthwhile. "

   Title: PlayStick by Z-Products

   Format: Playstation console

   Reviewing Monkey: Simi N

   The Hype: Get four different joysticks in one for use with your Playstation controller! "This, more than any other peripheral, is the one to buyÖ" PSM on PlayStick. Well as far as peripherals go, this one is definitely among the better ones, but it also has many problems at this stage in the game. What this product does is attach to your Playstation controller over the directional buttons, and gives you a joystick apparatus to use instead of the D-pad.

      What This Monkey Thought...

   Ergonomics: 4 out of 5 => The ergonomics are very diverse with this device, mostly because it comes with four different joystick apparatus to stick on to your Playstation controller. But for the most part, this device feels just as comfortable as your controller always did. The Mushroom Stick, and Disk Stick devices are certainly the best feeling (I use the Disk Stick). The Arcade Stick is pointless since it is way to small to use the way you use a real arcade joystick. And the Shovel Stick feels real nice on your thumb, but only if your thumb is always perpendicular to the left and right directional buttons. Coming in at a 45-degree angle, like I do, is definitely not comfortable. But hey, maybe that one will work for you, and if it doesnít you still have the first two to fall back on.

   Performance: 3 out of 5 => This product performs pretty well, but does take some getting used to. It also has the annoying habit of sometimes sticking and not allowing you to get the full range of motion that you require. This can get particularly annoying since it was the whole reason to buy the device. Fortunately it doesnít seem to happen very often. This device is great for all of your fighting games like, Street Fighter, or Tekken, that usually require you to shred your thumb trying to do the special moves. With this, the special moves are easier to execute, and you come away with healthy hands.

   Features: 4 out of 5 => The PlayStick comes with four different Joysticks to choose from. The choices were mentioned in the ergonomics section above. But having the choice of four doesnít quite make up for the fact that this product will not work with the Playstation analog controller. Also it should be noted that having a joystick attachment does not make up for not having analog. The PlayStick still operates the controller the same way, it just makes it quicker and doesnít hurt your thumb as much.

   Installation: 4 out of 5 => Installation can be a real pain in the arse. But it comes with instructions, and should only take a couple of minutes. The problem is that the rubber band that holds the product in place is a bitch to stretch out underneath the controller. The good thing is that once you get the base in place, you never have to take it off. The different joysticks can be switched after putting the base on.

   System Compatibility: 2 out of 5 => This will work with any Playstation, but this will only work with regular Playstation controllers. It will not work with any analog controllers. And also will not work with a number of alternate brand controllers. But if you still have the old school Playstation controllers, you should definitely get this product.

   How it Compares: 2 out of 5 => I personally havenít seen any other products boasting the same capabilities as this one, but as I mentioned before, this does not make up for not having analog controllers. I you truly want the analog experience, donít get this product, get an analog controller!

   The Verdict:

       This is a good product to get if you are sick of sore thumbs, but it doesnít work as an analog stick, and it has itís problems, such as sticking, and only two of the sticks are worth the plastic they are molded in.

   The Good: Comes with four different types of sticks to use. No more swollen thumbs. Fighting game combos are now easy to do.

   The Bad: Only two of the four sticks are really worthwhile. Every once in a while the product will stick annoyingly and will not allow you to get the full range of motion.

   The Overall Ugly: If you want to whoop some ass with your Playstation fighting games but donít want to tear up your thumbs, you definitely need to get this product.

   What it's Worth: This product is worth at least $5.00 but sells for a sweet $2.99 at your local Electronics Boutique.

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