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     " Well if ol' Ricky knows anything, it's how gets him some Tang, but damned if he was going to tell those dirty spies how to do it. "

      Title: MX 2002: Featuring Ricky Carmichael by THQ

      Format: X-treme sports for your X-box, get it?

      Reviewing Monkey: Chimpan-A

      The Hype: The exciting world of motocross comes home for your X-Box. Featuring big stars, like, oh let's see… Ricky Carmichael, perhaps? The game touts itself as the "evolution of motocross". Strap on your endorsements and let's see what the review says.

      What This Monkey Thought...

      Graphics: The graphics are fine. The riders all look accurate- replete with stickers for whatever sponsor. The levels and tracks are well made and are fairly accurate examples of real world tracks. The environments are pretty to look at when you're not concentrating on pulling the perfect trick. No problems with the graphics, but they're not excellent. Simply good. 4.5 out of 5

      Sound: Okay, I hope you like your MTV and I hope you like it all the time. The game features a soundtrack by Ricky Carmichael… Okay, it's actually by all the top "extreme" bands of today. Sum 41, Saliva, Injected, they all make an appearance. If that's not your scene, then I hope you have a CD player handy. Otherwise the sounds are rather blasé. They inspire no feelings of "extremeness". 3.5 out of 5

      Playability: The controls work fine and the responsiveness is great. Doing tricks will take some time to master. Although, the majority of your time will be spent just doing races. Racing doesn't allow for doing tricks, which generally just slow you down. The game has immediate exhibitions and a career mode. The career mode is pretty fun, taking you through qualifier rounds up into actual competition. The mini-games, like bus jump, or Horse, can be frustrating. Especially horse, where you have to complete a list of tricks. Sometimes these tricks require you to do two things, which are impossible to string together, in a period of time that makes it impossible to do them separately. All in all though, the game plays fine and should please motocross fans. 3.5 out of 5

      Multiplayer and Replayability: The multiplayer doesn't really do much for the game. Although it does give the ability to go against each other in "Horse", which can be relatively fun. The game isn't the type that can be beaten, but there's not a lot to keep you coming back. It all depends on how heavy you are into motocross. 3 out of 5

      Story/Dramatics: Once upon a time, Ricky Carmichael was driving down a dirt road on his motorcycle. That's when the international spies came up behind him, threatening to kill his whole family if he didn't tell them where to get some Tang. Well if ol' Ricky knows anything, it's how gets him some Tang, but damned if he was going to tell those dirty spies how to do it. He obviously had no choice but to get X-Treme on them. That's where you come in. By racing around motocross tracks, looking for special powerups with Ricky's face on them, you will power his ability to beat back the forces of evil! … Alright, so that's all a complete lie. And since I certainly don't want another "Dark Summit", I'm more than happy to let them go without a story.

      The Verdict:

       If motocross is your game, give this a try. It's got a good mix of tricks and racing. The graphics are fine and the soundtrack is… modern.

      The Good: Tons of motocross fun

      The Bad: Not much more than that.

      The Overall Ugly: X-treme sport action, buddy, yeah.

      What it's Worth: Market

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