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     " And can I just ask, when do we get the Ringwraith expansion? "

      Title: LotR TCG: Realms of the Elf-Lords by Decipher

      Format: Trading card game. With cards, no less.

      Reviewing Monkey: Chimpan-A

      The Hype: Well, not long now until "The Two Towers" hits theaters. And as the movies keep rolling out, so do the expansions to this fun little card game. This time around all you Legolas lovers can get your kicks in as we explore the poncy world of the Elven Lords.

      What This Monkey Thought...

      Playability: Well, once more we have an expansion does next to nothing to change the rules. We've got some new keywords, but otherwise the game plays much the same. This isn't a bad thing, really. The game play is what endeared most people to it in the first place. If you're too lazy to go read the reviews on the previous releases, here's how it breaks down: One player takes on the fellowship, the others take on the forces of evil. The more cards the fellowship plays, the more cards the bad guys can put down. It's a neat system and ends up working quite well. 4 out of 5

      Aesthetics: Okay, we're still dealing pictures out of the first movie and there are only so many frames to go off of. The cards still look fine, but here's hoping they start with some new pictures soon. 3.5 out of 5

      Balance: The Elven expansion brings us a Boromir starting pack and a Legolas starting pack. The Boromir pack introduces some relatively powerful forces of Sauron, while keeping the forces of Man at about the same level. Legolas is joined by Isildur's already well-established forces. The new elvish forces don't introduce any balance tipping elements. I might even venture to say they're a little on the weak side. And can I just ask, when do we get the Ringwraith expansion? 4 out of 5

      Value vs. Cost: The opening cost gets you a starter pack, that and a buddy with the same will allow you to play the game. It's a good enough game for what you're getting. 4 out of 5

      The Verdict:

       I can understand the desire to keep pumping out cards, but I think boosters would be better suited to the type of stuff they're putting out. We can only put up with so many "expansions" which are really just new decks. Still, the game is quite fun and well worth the price of admission.

      The Good: Now you can get your girlfriend to play with you… Just hand her a Legolas pack.

      The Bad: She'll spend more time with the cards than with you.

      The Overall Ugly: If you've been waiting for your chance to play an elf, go for it. It's the same as buying any of the other starter packs.

      What it's Worth: The same as the rest.

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