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     " A pullout poster for the secret missions? Dungapult laid trow on mine and now I can't finish the fourth secret mission, so thank you very much Brady… "

      Title: Devil May Cry Hint book by BradyGames

      Format: Action Game Hint Book

      Reviewing Monkey: Chimpan-A

      The Hype: Devil May Cry, Capcom's hot action game, was a little too hot for some players. BradyGames is here to save your continues with their walkthrough hint book.

      What This Monkey Thought...

      Layout: The book seems to be fairly well layed out. It starts with info on the characters and monsters. Proceeds through explanations of everything else in the game, gives some preliminary maps and then goes on through the walkthrough. Apparently they hadn't hit their page limit yet so at the end they give us some artwork pages with original concept art. Then we get some staff interviews, although none of the staff give us hints about the game. The walkthrough can be a little weird to get through, as all the maps are earlier in the book, but it does a generally good job of pointing you in the right direction. I have a problem with the Secret Mission Pack, which is a separate pullout that describes how to tackle the secret missions in the game. Considering all the things in this book, they could have easily taken a chunk out to tell you about the secret stuff. As it is when you get to a secret mission point, you end up having to go find the little, and limited, pullout to find out what you're doing. It's fairly annoying. 4 out of 5

      Usefulness: The book tells you how to get through the game pretty well. Most of the information in the walkthrough is for the basic level of the game, but it does make a few mentions of slightly different strategies in harder difficulty levels. The game itself is relatively straightforward (and was designed that way), though the book will definitely help you in getting to the secret items and completing missions in an efficient manner. It's not too useful for helping with the move rating system, but that's something hard to help with anyway. 4 out of 5

      Accuracy: I found no real errors in the book. Nothing not accounted for in the slight randomness of monster generation, etc. The strategies the give are generally viable ones, and none of them are patently wrong. 4.5 out of 5

      The Verdict:

       If the Dante Must Die mode is giving you some trouble, or you just can't figure out where the spider squishing secret missions are, this is the book for you. It'll see you through.

      The Good: Full information on the game, including stuff that has nothing to do with the game, but is pretty neat to have anyway.

      The Bad: A pullout poster for the secret missions? Dungapult laid trow on mine and now I can't finish the fourth secret mission, so thank you very much Brady…

      The Overall Ugly: If you need the help, get it. It'll do it for you.

      What it's Worth: $10.00

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