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Become a Game Monkeys' Reviewer

     So, you think you've got what it takes to be a Game Monkey? Of course you do...after all, how hard can it be? I mean, have you seen the rest of the site?
     Still, being a Game Monkey isn't all poor grammar and half-witty have to have an even hand, dedication, and a love of all the things in geekdom. Mostly this means being able to write fair, honest, and preferably intelligent reviews. It also means you'll have to work within a reasonable timeline, accept some constructive criticism, and occasionally pick lice from your coworkers.
     Still not scared off? Then here's the deal...

     To begin, you'll have to submit some reviews-- four to be exact. These are your "test" to make sure that you can write passable content, accept a little constructive criticism, and generally mesh your style with the rest of the site. Reviews should be:

  • Basically grammatically sound. We don't mind having to do a little editing, and we're certainly not perfectionists on the subject, but if we spend more time editing than you did writing you won't go very far.
  • Logical, well thought, and explanatory. We don't mind you either praising or trashing any given product, but definitly want to know why you're responding to it as vehemently as you are. A good review doesn't just tell the reader what you thought but why you thought it.
  • Original and unbiased. We can't post anything that makes references to other reviews, is copyrighted, or that doesn't come from your own little Monkey mind.
  • Mesh with the rest of the site. Be sure and check some of our other reviews to get a feel for our style and objectives.

     So what do you get out of all this? The short answer is "Tons of free crap!"
     We, unfortunately, can't pay you in cash because the site doesn't generate any income (it's the down side of that whole philanthropic thing)...But you do get to keep all of the products we give you to review (which will make quite the stash in no time, guaranteed) and we do throw you some great swag as often as we can.

     Now, if you're ready to get started just head on over to our Reader Review Submission page and submit your reviews. In the name input, along with your name, also include "Applying as Reviewer", or "I Wanna be a Monkey", or something that lets us know you want on staff. We'll get back to you with a critque of your reviews as fast as we can (give us a week) and let you know how things are looking.

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