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About Game Monkeys Magazine!

          So it all started back in late 1999. One of us Monkeys- no one can quite be sure who it was, was reading some typical video game magazine while on the porcelain throne. They were idly flipping through pages when they came across a video game review that was sheer and utter crap. It hymned, it hawed, it danced around the game's many glaring issues, and finally- inevitably, gave a very poopy game a very good review.
          "How can this be?!?" The Monkey exclaimed, scaring people in stalls on either side. "There is no way anyone in their right mind could actually write this!" And then, as if in answer to the not so silent question, the Monkey turned the page and saw an ad. But not just any ad, it was an ad for the company whose game- not 2 pages before, got a completely dishonest and sugar coated review.
          So a meeting was called, pizza was ordered, and a decision was made. That there needed to be some publication out there, somewhere, that would not cave to industry pressure or advertising dollars. That an island needed to be built, a last vestige of honesty, a refuge for the gamer, on which Monkeys could gather and find out the truth about the things they covet. So the good, benevolent folk at Game Monkey Press put their heads together and made a loud, empty bonking sound. But from that head bashing the island was created…none of them knowing at the time that the island would some day become a nation.
          Thus was born Game Monkeys Magazine. A purely philanthropic effort designed 100% with the gaming Monkey in mind. It has refused advertising dollars, shrugged off industry pressure, and remained committed to giving you honest, damned funny, and hard hitting reviews. Staffed by dedicated writers motivated by little more than a cattle prod and a love for the industries which they review and run by Game Monkey Press volunteers, Game Monkeys Magazine has since risen through the ranks of gaming sites to become one of the most read 'zines on the net.

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