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     " But it is nice to be able to be prepared so you don't run into an enemy who beats the crap out of you and then makes you eat it. "

      Title: Zone of the Enders Strategy Guide by Brady

      Format: Strategy guide for PS2 game

      Reviewing Monkey: Simi N.

      The Hype: Comprehensive info on enemy formations and movements, strategy for all five SOS missions, Hidden game play options, area maps detailing patrol routes and squad levels.

      What This Monkey Thought...

      Layout: This book looks very good, with full color pages tons of screen shots and a logical and easy to follow order. The maps provided look awesome and there is a ton of detail given to all of them. The book has a lot of nice side "tips" areas that stand out well from the rest of the text, and there is very little wasted space. Every page is covered with text and pictures; it is a veritable feast for the eyes. 5 of 5

      Usefulness: This is where this guide lacks a bit. Don't get me wrong the strategies for boss fights are really cool, and many people I'm sure will use it considering how long it can take to figure out how to kill the bosses. The maps that are provided with the strategy guide are very detailed, showing the routes and levels of the enemy squads. This is nice, but in the game the maps are accessible in the menu. True these in-game maps don't show the level of the squads, but usually you're going to have to face certain groups regardless of their level, but it is nice to be able to be prepared so you don't run into an enemy who beats the crap out of you and then makes you eat it. 4 of 5

      Desired Content: For many of us there isn't a whole lot that we need to know since, this game is so short in the first place, most of the stuff is easy figure out for yourself. But there are a few tips that people would like to have and as I said it is nice to be prepared for the missions to come. Also the strategies for the SOS missions definitely come in handy. You won't find anything left out of this book. 5 of 5

      Accuracy: Everything in this guide is spot-on accurate. The maps are super detailed down to the Squad locations and levels. The enemy strategies have proven to be very effective. And of course the secret information is accurate, how to unlock 2-player mode and extra combat areas. Although if you’re able to read you should have been able to find most of this information in the manual. 5 of 5

      The Verdict:

       This strategy guide is a shining example for other strategy guides to follow. The only problem with it is that the game is so short that a person shouldn't need to spend the money on the book. But it is nice for those who are having trouble in spots, or for those who want to make sure they didn't miss anything.

      The Good: Great design, tons of eye-candy, in-depth strategies, detailed maps

      The Bad: This game doesn't have a whole lot of hidden, or extremely difficult parts, so some will find that they don't need a strategy guide.

      The Overall Ugly: If you feel that you need a strategy guide to get the most out of the game you should feel confident that this guide will provide you with everything you're looking for.

      What it's Worth: Market plus a couple (if you need it).

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