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     " It might also be incompatible with an overly messy apartment, as it tends to get lost easily, reducing its functionality immensely. "

      Title: DVD Playback kit by Microsoft

      Format: X-Box DVD controller

      Reviewing Monkey: Chimpan-A

      The Hype: You heard your X-box can play dvd's right? It's not doing it, is it? That's because you need this handy device. But is it really worth your time? Read on.

      What This Monkey Thought...

      Usefulness: Well, if you plan on using the DVD capabilities of the X-Box, you have to have the DVD playback kit. Therefore it is eminently useful. The kit includes, simply, a receiver and a remote. The receiver plugs into one of the ports of your box (meaning that you'll have to unplug it when you've got four people over). The remote is placed firmly in your hand, preferably with button side up. The DVD quality from the X-Box is as good as any standard player, and can certainly act as one.

      Compatibility: You'll find that the receiver doesn't work with your PS2 or Gamecube (which can't play DVDs anyway). It does work wonderfully well for the X-Box though…funny, that. Anyway, the receiver works on a strict plug and play. The Box will instantly recognize the receiver plugged in and give DVD functionality. The controller itself is small and black with round buttons, which may not work with your apartment's décor. It might also be incompatible with an overly messy apartment, as it tends to get lost easily, reducing its functionality immensely.

      Performance: The controller will easily rival low-end DVD player remotes. It's got the basic features for controlling the playback, the requisite title button and information, along with the number buttons for chapter selection. The X-Box features some nice playback features, accessed through the menu button. Including A-B repeat, Zoom, angles, and various language options. The signal from the controller is plenty strong and bounces nicely. We've used it from around corners, or even when facing the opposite direction from the box. The little controller is also quite sturdy, taking a beating quite well (What? Of course we test the endurance of all of our accessories. You should see the rigorous chew testing we put our controllers through). The only real problem- no power off …so you'll actually have to get your monkey butt out of bed, off the couch, etc. to turn your Xbox off.

      The Verdict:

       Well, it's pretty much a necessity, but it luckily performs well enough that it's not that big a deal having to buy it. This will give great DVD functionality. More over, since it also functions for controlling the console's main menu, it works well as a simple remote in all cases. Certainly worth the buy.

      The Good: It makes DVDs work on the X-Box

      The Bad: Which means you have to pay extra for the privilege

      The Overall Ugly: If you never plan on watching DVDs on the 'Box, then don't worry about it. Otherwise, buy it.

      What it's Worth: Market price

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