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     " I think you could get more useful information from casting the bones. "

   Title: Smack Down 2-Strategy Guide by Prima

   Format: PSX Hint Book

   Reviewing Monkey: Chimpan-A

   The Hype: : Smack Down 2: Know Your Role, now with a strategy guide to assist you in all your high flying, hard slammin' fights to the death!

      What This Monkey Thought...

   Layout: Well, the layout is sensible enough, starting off with game information, and moving on to character bios. Makes sense right? Right! So finding what you need is nice and easy, unfortunately it's all down hill after this. 5 out of 5

   Usefulness: Okay, if you happened to have lost your instruction manual (yeah, sure you did ya pirate), then this is the guide for you. Brilliantly listing out for you everything you can get from the weird little booklet they put in there with the game, this guide is about as useful as a third nipple. It gives only the barest of coverage to the game's multiple modes and matches, and even that coverage has glaring omissions. The character bios are just that, biography's and move lists. No strategies, just moves. Granted the moves aren't in the instruction booklet, but they're easily figured out while playing. While I will give a nod to the "Did you know" Section, even that falls short of usefulness when they tell you such things as "Gangrel has a pierced tongue" (as you look at the picture of him with his tongue stud hanging out), I think you could get more useful information from casting the bones. 2 out of 5

   Desired Content: Well, luckily for Prima, my list of desires included having almost no useful information what so ever. Unluckily, I have to think of my fellow monkeys here. If you're looking to pick up a 13.95 move list and instruction booklet, then by all means, slap your money down. Otherwise, move on (to the internet, where there are FAQ's galore). Now to be fair, this isn't exactly a beatable game, so they can't guide you to the end. There are however, so many other things they can guide your through that they don't! Create a Wrestler and the multiple mysteries in there are never explained, strategies on different matches, strategies with wrestlers, or your own wrestler. These are the things, which easily could have been included but were put aside to bring you such useful facts as "Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty formed a Tag Team called 'Too Cool'". 1 out of 5

   Accuracy: The final nail in a coffin that really does need to be sealed is the accuracy. All over the guide there are glaring misprints of information. Some of the move lists contain incorrect information, and I'm pretty sure a couple of the biographies are wrong. Not only is the hint guide not useful, these make it actually harmful! This is insanity! Who approves these things? Even when it does give hints, they're obvious ones like "Fans love special matches." Okay, I'm alright, gonna go lie down... 2 out of 5

   The Verdict:

       Guilty! Sentenced to death! Oh wait sorry. If you're looking for a spare instruction manual, buy this. Otherwise, laugh at the people who do buy it. Mostly useless information and several glaring errors make this a worse buy than the bathtub laptop.

   The Good: A complete move list, and biographies of all the Superstars in the game, including fun facts.

   The Bad: Absolutely nothing else of value

   The Overall Ugly: Rikishi's ass. I mean have you seen the thing? I think they pulled this hint book out of it.

   What it's Worth: Nothing, really...Though con artists might tell you it should go for $12-15.

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