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     " Any new strategy gamer who approaches me will be directed to this DVD as a resource. "

      Title: The Painting Wizard's Workshop 1 by The Painter's Guild

      Format: DVD Miniatures Painting Tutorial

      Reviewing Monkey: Dungapult

      The Hype: I don't know who it was who decided that the little inch tall figures we use to play our table top games should be painted, but ever since that bastard opened his mouth we've all been relegated to busting ass and straining eyeballs so the other geeks sitting around the table with us don't mock our monochrome space marines…often with marginal success at best. Thus, the Painter's Guild (wait…seriously? There's a "Painter's Guild"?) brings us a DVD designed to make it go quicker, slicker, and theoretically less painfully.

      What This Monkey Thought...

          When this came in I honestly had no idea what to expect. Past exposure to geek controlled productions have been dubious at best and I figured that a DVD on minis painting might well be the intellectual equivalent of a sharp stick in the ear. Pleasantly, this DVD actually ended up being much more than I feared and only slightly less than I'd hoped.
          The actual instruction (definitely the aspect we should review first) is good, if not a bit remedial, and is presented in a nicely logical order. It begins with prepping and assembling your figs, moves to basic painting, color choices, and mixing, and ends with some tips on speed painting for armies and 15mm figures. All in all the tips and information presented are well explained, logical, and easily implemented. Scott Jensen, the host, has obviously spent his fair time painting and has his act down pat. And while nothing covered or presented will be anything new for the experienced painter (and understandably so since this is a 100 course level equivalent) they may still find a few exciting new incites, and for the starting painter this instruction will take the place of hundreds of hours of trial and error…enough so that any new strategy gamer who approaches me will be directed to this DVD as a resource.
          As for presentation and production values, Workshop 1 ranges from acceptable to painful, but never in any unforgivable ways. The camera work and film quality is obviously armature, but never actually interferes with your ability to enjoy the lessons, and so is easily forgivable. The "acting" by Jensen, on the other hand, is downright painful and his attempts at comedy obviously stem from years and years of primarily (if not exclusively) geek level social interaction. Still, he tries hard and his instruction is good enough to forgive (though definitely not excuse) his "humor".
          All in all, The Painting Workshop 1 ends up being a nice starting point for those just getting into miniature painting and may even have a few pointers for the moderately experienced. Definitely worth checking out if you're getting, or have just gotten, into the hobby.          


      The Good: Nice tips, some great tricks, and easy to follow instruction.

      The Bad: Downright painful to listen to at points.

      The Overall Ugly: Worth the money to save you the trial and error.

      What it's Worth: It's fair at the roughly $20 market.

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