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     " Find me another multifunction remote for this gaming system thatís as cheap and feature packed and Iíll trade you for it. "

      Title: Wireless PS2 DVD Remote by MadCatz

      Format: PlayStation 2 (though itís a multifunction remote)

      Reviewing Monkey: The Goodyear Chimp

      The Hype: Well, MadCatz isnít making any daring promises on the packaging, just advertising the main features. For once, Iím exceptionally pleased to own a product that isnít near hoarse from screaming its slogans and sales points. Then again, noting how many people have heard of MadCatz, maybe they should scream a little more.

      What This Monkey Thought...

      Ergonomics: Even with batteries, the remote weighs next to nothing yet doesnít give off an impression of flimsiness. Solid construction means that it wonít crumple when stuffed under the cushions of the couch. My complaining kicks in somewhere around button layout. All you long-digit weirdoes who click with a pointer finger will be thrilled while those who use their thumb will be sorely put out. The rubber grips (nice, very nice) are positioned down at the base while all the buttons are a good four inches away. Still, the simple monolith design makes it easy to slide up and down, so itís not a total loss. 3 out of 5

      Features: The most obnoxious thing about the PlayStation 2ís DVD controls is that the button for fast-forward needs to remain depressed to speed through anything. So, when I began writing this review and found that this remote seemed unable to maintain a constant signal while holding any button (thus preventing you from actually using the fast forward, etc.), I was entirely prepared to take the piss out of the MadCatz. My friends, the phrase "stop and go" had never been more effectively played out. Nonetheless, man finally won over machine when I replaced the shit batteries included with the unit with a trusty brand that rhymes with Mooracell. Things are still a tiny bit bumpy when Iím not pointing the remote directly at the base unit but the overall performance is still worth 4 out of 5

      Performance: While other categories show off the weaknesses of the design, this category is filled with nothing but praise. Why? Because Itís a multifunction remote, monkeys! True, the lack of a record button or a number pad means that it would lose a race against any other true multifunction remote, but give the designers some credit. The buttons glow in the dark (+1 point), the keys that correspond to certain DVD features are actually labeled "Subtitle, Menu, Display, and Sound" (+2 point), the flashing signal light is color-coded so you know which machineógreen for PS2, red for TV, yellow for VCRóyouíre operating (+1 point). The only thing thatís missing is the all-important controller pass through. Doh! 4 out of 5

      Aesthetics: For the truly style conscious among us, youíll be pleased to know that the remote keeps with the blue and black color scheme of the PS2. It looks exactly as a hybrid of a remote and a PlayStation controller should. (Though Iím tempted to take a point off for it being oddly labeled as "Mad Catz DVD 2.") 5 out of 5

      Installation: The instructions are pretty straightforward, though the set I got was WRONG! I fussed around performing a setup ritual that was clearly derived from Vietnam War torture practices before I noticed an update thrown in the package. "Oh, itís that easy? Well, shit on me." Even with the amended instructions, the multifunction portion of the remote is sometimes difficult to program. Often the codes for different pieces of equipment donít make a lot of sense to the user. Still, plugging it into Sonyís machine isnít that hard. 3 out of 5

      System Compatibility: I havenít met a PS2 that didnít get friendly with this remote. The selection of TVs and VCRs is limited to big name manufacturers only but works on a model so old I used to hook a Nintendo and a Genesis up to it. Backward compatibility is a big plus in my book (thatís why I bought the PS2). 4 out of 5

      How it Compares: Find me another multifunction remote for this gaming system thatís as cheap and feature packed and Iíll trade you for it. Seriously though, this is the best option if you donít need a pass through for a controller. 4 out of 5

      The Verdict:

       Monkeys with long fingers have just found the perfect PlayStation 2 remote.

      The Good: Feature packed multifunction remote thatís a bargain to be sure.

      The Bad: Touchy line of sight issues and funky initial setup.

      The Overall Ugly: : Once you have one of these, thereís no reason to get off your ass for anything but more "Mooracell" batteries.

      What it's Worth: Market

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