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     "This game is worth the $39.99 original selling price, but if you see a used copy for $24.00 or less, and donít buy it, you deserve to be shot (or maybe if someone rolled a giant die on top of you, hmm). "

   Title: Devil Dice by THQ

   Format: PSX

   Reviewing Monkey: Simi N

   The Hype: Devil Dice is "An addictive, 3D Multi-player puzzle game, Devil Dice tempts players to beat the clock or up to four other players in a frantic high-speed circus of tumbling dice," So bragged THQ on the back card of their quirky new game. And Game Fan magazine said, "Devil Dice is a puzzle game that eclipses even Tetris." This type of praise is a lot to live up to, and Devil Dice came through in spades. This amazing puzzle game, wherein you use a small devilish character to move dice into correct positions to get points, deserves every bit of praise it has gotten, and will ever get.

      What This Monkey Thought...

   Graphics: 4 out of 5 => The graphics in this game are certainly not the best graphics seen on the Playstation to date, but they are definitely sufficient. Because of the content of the game the graphics are very simple. Mostly consisting of cubes, squares, and little dots on the cubes. The few special effect graphics (lightning and small energy bolts) are definitely very nice looking. But you will only notice the graphics the first couple of times you play the game. After that you will be so engrossed with trying to beat the clock, or your friends, that you wonít give the least bit of thought to the way the game looks.

   Sound: 4 Ĺ out of 5 => The sound in this game is very good with a selection of nine techno songs, one new age, and, randomly enough, one ragtime groove for your background music. The sound of the different types of dice being flipped or pushed along the playing field are definitely appropriate, as are the cutesy voices of the characters. All the sounds are clear, crisp, and volume adjustable. But the best part is what happens when you die in a multi-player game. Pressing the buttons on your controller will cause your dead character to yell in his high-pitched voice, which is a very useful tool you can use to annoy the crap out of any of your friends who are still alive.

   Game Play: : 5 out of 5 => The game is, in one word, really, really close to perfect. There arenít too many games that play as simple and smooth as this. The controls in this game are very simple, and easy to learn. And make it easy for you to see the game almost anyway possible and every way helpful. The rules of the game are also easy to learn, without even having to strain your brain reading the manual, because the game comes with a full tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know about playing. The game difficulty depends on which mode you are playing in. In puzzle mode, itís fairly simple. You simply solve puzzle after puzzle, you can screw up as much as you want, and can even skip the puzzles that are giving you trouble. That last one in my opinion is one of the greatest features ever. But when you are playing against the computer players the opponents are downright nasty. Playing this game will definitely make your throat sore. --On a personal note, make sure that when you are playing you keep the door to your room shut so your mom doesnít wake up to an impressive string of obscenities at four in the morning--.

   Level and Environment Designs: 3 Ĺ out of 5 => The Level designs are also very simple. They consist entirely of cubes on fields of squares over some sort of background. The only things that ever change are the appearance of the dice, the number of them, their configuration, the shape and size of the field, and you are able to change the pattern displayed on the field. But of course this is all the game requires, as having too many graphics displayed would take away from the simple, cute feel of the game.

   Multiplayer: 5 out of 5 => Well let me start off by saying, "Damn!" This game is the party game. Having you and four friends slug it out is the best thing about this game. It takes a couple of times to realize exactly why some people are dying and others are not, but once you get the hang of it, you wonít be able to stop. But donít be surprised when your friend who says, "I donít even really know what Iím doing," starts wailing on you, cause it will happen. Another cool thing about this mode is that because the game has one open field, any of your friends can come along and screw up your dice combinations so you wonít score. Or even worse they can add dice on to the ones youíve already set up, and take all of the credit.

   Replayability: 4 out of 5 => I give Devil Dice this score on replayability only because the puzzle mode has so little replayability. But that really shouldnít matter too much since there are 1,000 levels in the puzzle mode. However, the replayability of the Battle and War modes cannot be matched.

   Story/Dramatics: There is no story to this game. You simply get instructions and start playing. And Iím not about to rate anything that doesnít exist.

   Instructions and Learning Curve: 4 out of 5 => The instructions in this game are clear and very easy to follow. The only problem is that the tutorial tends to lag a bit. This game will take you about an hour and a half to master at the controls, and rules. Just go through the lessons provided, fiddle around in trial mode, and you will be ready to take on just about anybody.

   Installation and Real System Requirements: 5 out of 5 => Installation is pretty simple. Just open the Playstation, and place the disc, black side down, inside. Then close the cover, press the power button and your ready to go.

   The Verdict:

       Devil Dice is right up there with Tetris as a puzzle game, Bomberman, as a party game, and is definitely a must have for anyone who likes to have a good time. The game does have some less than perfect aspects, but they are so superficial they arenít even really worth thinking about.

   The Good: Options, Gameplay, Puzzles, and of course MULTIPLAYER!

   The Bad: The tutorial is a bit remedial, and makes you think the game was marketed for people who have trouble reading.

   The Overall Ugly: No puzzle game has ever been more worth your time, money, and sanity.

   What it's Worth: This game is worth the $39.99 original selling price, but if you see a used copy for $24.00 or less, and donít buy it, you deserve to be shot (or maybe if someone rolled a giant die on top of you, hmm).

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